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Plush Pink Dog House With Dogs - Five (5) Stuffed Animal Dogs In Pink Play Dog House Case

Plush Pink Dog House With Dogs

Unipak Designs

Package Quantity: 1

Young children completely love the cute and huggable Plush Pink Dog House With Dogs a great product by Unipak Designs. A listing of features are cuddly, great for travel and unique toy for creative play. The dog is 12"H x 9"L x 9"W. Bar Code# 640048716824. Bear in mind one can get an amazing gift for kids without spending an arm and a leg There are a number options you could do your homework without creating yourself a massive amount of additional headache. If you're lucky, you'll discover the experience someone else's kid ran into with the item.

Unipak Designs provide very a few diverse cute, unusual plush stuffed toys and accessories. Inspiring creative play and imagination. Made from quality materials.


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