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Fur Real Friends Walkin? Puppies (king Charles Spaniel)

Fur Real Friends Walkin Puppies
Fur Real Friends Walkin Puppies king Charles Spaniel Image 1


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Fur Real Friends Walkin Puppies makes a great toy. I in fact liked that the toy had figure barks and makes puppy sounds when you pet her back. Additional features include things like includes 3 aa batteries. It's dimensions are 8.07" Height x 7.76" Length x 8.74" Width and it has a weight of 0.9 lbs. Searching for Fur Real Friends Walkin Puppies .

Play with this sweet and soft King Charles spaniel puppy figure and she'll play with you! And how will you know when she's as happy as might be? When you pick her up and pet her back, she'll bark and make puppy sounds — just like a real puppy! Put your new little friend on the ground and she'll walk in a circle and back to you, just looking for some love.


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