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Gund Boo- World's Cutest Dog From Gund 9 In

Boo Worlds Cutest Dog From 9


Color: multi-colored
Package Quantity: 1

Boo- World's Cutest a great doggie dolls manufactured by Gund will be your infant's best new play thing. These toys are a VERY POPULAR product! The color of the stuffed toy dog is multi-colored. The features include gotta getta gund!, the world's most huggable since 1898 and surface washable. The plush dog dimensions are 7" Height x 9" Length x 8" Width and it has a weight of 0.45 lbs. Looking for Boo- World's Cutest . To purchase the product now at the cheapest price, check out the market link.

Huggable and undeniably cute, the GUND BOO plush toy tends to make the best gift for dog lovers of all ages. Whether or not you're a Facebook fan of the real-life Pomeranian Boo, this plush version will function hard to convince you BOO deserves the tagline of World's Cutest Dog. Designed for children aged one distinct year and older, this soft dog gives maximum cuddliness.

GUND version of BOO is the world's cutest and cuddliest plush. Is BOO the World's Cutest Dog? View bigger.

Our young tester took an instant liking to GUND BOO, dragging the toy about the house and even taking it to bed. What's in the Box Parents really should be aware that dirt shows up simply on BOO's light-colored fur, but the toy could be hand washed.


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